How to send a value to position "i" from app designer to a constant block in Simulink that has 5 dimmensions?

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Hello all,
I am creating an app with MATLAB App Designer that interfaces with Simulink. I am able to send values from the app using the set_param command. For example, to send a value to a 1D constant block in Simulink I use this line of code:
Now, since I a sending a lot of values to different constant blocks, I was thinking creating one single 5D constant block, and pass different values to each position of this block. I have tried several things with no luck.
Does anybody know a way to making this work or maybe using another approach?
Thanks for the help!!

Accepted Answer

Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 21 Jul 2020
It certainly can be done but I am not sure if it would be "better". Note you have to set 'Value' as '5', not 5.
when you set the value, you have to use
set_param(Block,'Value', mat2str(1:5))
when you try to modify the 3rd value, you have to do several steps

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