two way repeated measures anova

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Shamini Warda
Shamini Warda on 23 Jul 2020
Answered: Scott MacKenzie on 28 Jul 2021
how to do a 2 way repeated measures anova with MATLAB? I need to perform a 2 way anova for a repeated measures data, each having 2 levels. I see anova2 is to be used for between subject designs and anovan when the design is unbalanced. Any advice would be of great help.
Shamini Warda
Shamini Warda on 27 Jul 2020
It now works. Thank you very much.

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Answers (1)

Scott MacKenzie
Scott MacKenzie on 28 Jul 2021
Visit this question for a simple approach to doing a two-way repeated measures (aka within-subjects) anova using the ranova function.

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