Reduce the distance between boxplots

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BN il 27 Lug 2020
Commentato: BN il 29 Lug 2020
Dear all,
Here are my boxplots that generated from the below script:
ax = axes();
for i=1:numel(data)
boxchart(x(i)*ones(size(data{i})), data{i},'MarkerStyle','none', ...
'BoxFaceColor', colors(i,:), ...
'LineWidth', 1, ...
'WhiskerLineStyle', '-','BoxWidth',0.5)
set(gca,'xtick',[1.5 3.5 5.5 7.5 9.5 11.5 13.5 15.5 17.5])
I want to reduce the distance between first and second boxes; as well as third and forth; ... and 15th and 16th.
In order to have 8 couple boxe beside each other. (each couple have distance with next couple)
please let me know how I can do that. Thanks
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dpb il 27 Lug 2020
Just noticed you're using the new boxchart; I don't have R2020a so have only boxplot
From the documenatation, doesn't appear the implementation is any different, fundamentally; the x-grouping input variable isn't a position but a group; positions are still ordinal.
But, did get a brainstorm...put a column of NaN in between each group of two; it will be non-showing but will still take up room so there will be a gap for the missing "variable".

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dpb il 27 Lug 2020
Modificato: dpb il 28 Lug 2020
Carrying on from the above idea...
data=rand(10,16); % just some random data w/ 16 variables/columns
for i=1:8 % augment nan before/between each pair of two
data2=[data2 nan(10,1) data(:,2*i-1:2*i)];
data2=[data2 nan(10,1)]; % add the trailing nan column for balance
boxplot(data2) % and present the boxplot
xticks(2.5:3:26) % matchup ticks
ends up with--
which isn't too bad if say so meself! :)
Dunno what will happen/need to do to use barchart in order to get the coloring, too.
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BN il 29 Lug 2020
Yes thank you again.

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