Graph two curves together (datetime format and double format)

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Hi, thank you so much for reading me, i am using matlab 2019a, and i have this problem, i want to graph a function of curvefitting with my original curve, but i can't for this error that appears (attach photo) , i want the two graphs together .......
thank you so much for your valious time
tEnersol=readtable('solar.xlsx','sheet','EneDics'); % read into a table object
tEnersol.Properties.VariableNames={'Rad','Dia'}; % assign variable names
% yr=2014; % need the proper year
tEnersol.Date=datetime(yr,1,tEnersol.Dia); % and create a date column
hB=plot(tEnersol.Date,tEnersol.Rad, '.r'); hold on % bar plot against actual date
hAx=gca; % get axes handle...
xlim([datetime(2014,1,1) datetime(2014,12,12)]) % set limit to cover the full year
hAx.XAxis.TickLabelFormat='MM'; % show day of MONTH
% xticklabels(cellstr(tEnersol.Date(xticks))) % use the date string as tick labels
hAx.XTickLabelRotation=45; % rotate so can have chance to read...
xlabel('Mes del año, TMYE'), ylabel('Irradiancia solar máxima [KWh/m^2]');
a1= 2329
b1= 0.6522
c1= 0.95
a2= 1519
b2= 0.7781
c2= -2.545
d = (1:1:365);
w = a1.*sin(b1.*d+c1) + a2.*sin(b2.*d+c2)
plot(d,w,'.-b'); hold off

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 5 Ago 2020
hB=plot(tEnersol.Date,tEnersol.Rad, '.r'); hold on % bar plot against actual date
That is the first plot in the axes, and it establishes that the x axes is to be based upon datetime values.
plot(d,w,'.-b'); hold off
Your d is not datetime values, just pure numbers. You cannot plot a pure number variable in an axes that is already a datetime axes. So...
D = datetime(yr, 1, d);
plot(D, w, '.-b')
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 6 Ago 2020
text() or legend() to put the equation in. You will probably want to use 'Interpreter', 'latex'

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