How am I using set wrong?

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Josh G.
Josh G. on 26 Aug 2020
Commented: Josh G. on 26 Aug 2020
I'm trying to use set to copy a set of fields from one struct to another. Here's a minimal (non)working example of what I'm trying to do:
foo = struct('fieldName1',[]);
bar = struct('fieldName2',[10 20 30]);
This gives an error:
Error using set
Conversion to double from struct is not possible.
But if I do
foo.fieldName1 = bar.fieldName2
the assignment is successful. However, this method is tedious for large numbers of fields.
How am I using set wrong here?

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 26 Aug 2020
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Josh G.
Josh G. on 26 Aug 2020
Thanks, I'd gotten so used to using set with figures and properties I forgot they were distinct from structs and fields.

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