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Why there is NO add course button in my Matlab Grader?

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I am trying to create a course in my MATLAB Grader but the add course button is missing. How can I fix this?

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Jeff Alderson
Jeff Alderson il 8 Set 2020
Modificato: Jeff Alderson il 8 Set 2020
Only users with a MathWorks account that is associated to a MATLAB license that us current under software maintance is allowed to create course content in MATLAB Grader. Your license may be expired, maintenance may not be current, or some other issue affecting your license may be happening.
Please contact MathWorks Customer Support. Let them know your license number - they can also help you locate it - and they should be able to address this issue for you.

Steven Lord
Steven Lord il 7 Set 2020
Are you an instructor? Do you satisfy all the prerequisites?


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