How to read a list of strings in a txt file?

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Dear All,
I need to read a txt file which contains a list of names with different lengths. Here is my txt file:
I need to read those names to store them in a string array MyNames. MyNames should be like below:
MyNames = [
Here is my code:
fid = fopen(FileName, 'r');
if fid < 0, error('Cannot open file'); end
while KKK < 30000 % Infinite loop
s = fgets(fid);
if ischar(s)
MyNames = [MyNames; s];
else % End of file:
But what I got is Not correct. MyNames is an array having 10 coulmns and shows as

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Star Strider
Star Strider il 17 Set 2020
Unless I am missing something, ‘KKK’ is never incremented inside the while loop, so it will in fact be infinite.
If you are actually using ‘KKK’ as a counter (and therefore incrementing it), this could work:
MyNames{KKK} = s;
That creates a cell array, and while that can create additional steps required to recover its contents later, it could be an effective approach.
A better approach could be readtable. The first variable would be the names, and you could simply ignore the others.
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Benson Gou
Benson Gou il 17 Set 2020
Modificato: Benson Gou il 17 Set 2020
I used data = sscanf(s, '%s %s'), and got the right cell array MyNames:
{'OAKFIELD'} {'OAKFIELD'} {'5556_T'} {'ROLLINS'} {'ROLLINS'} {'STETSON'} ...
Thanks a lot for all of you.

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