Drive Connector "confirm password" doesn't work

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MATLAB Drive Connector says I need to confirm my password periodically. However when I click on the link, it opens a blank window with the title "Sign In" that doesn't actually appear anywhere on my screen. I have tried manually switching to the window via alt-tab, multitasking view, and the taskbar, to no success. I have tried disconnecting from extenral monitors, restarting my computer and even uninstalling and reinstalling the application but I have the same issue. I have read through the other questions about this topic and none of the suggestions have fixed my issue - I have already allowed the drive connector to bypass my firewall.
Because I cannot connect, I can't work with my projects, as changes do not update with my local storage. Please help!
Kirk on 5 Mar 2021
I am having this issue on my Mac running macOS Big Sur. Seems to have stopped working after about December 2020. Only a reboot brings my Drive Connector back to life.

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Joseph Gabbay
Joseph Gabbay on 8 Aug 2022
I had the same issue, while running some long simulations for a few days continuously, while the computer was connected online.
Right clicking on the tiny MATLAB Drive icon, exiting the application / service and running it again, caused the status bar to prompt "updating ..." and become green again after a while,


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