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to plot BER curve for IDWT

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ABDUL on 16 Oct 2020
Edited: ABDUL on 16 Oct 2020
i am not able to plot the proper ber curve .this is my piece of code which is attached for your reference
clear all;
close all;
PSK = 4; SNR = -5;
M_rx = 1; % No. of Rx antennas
SNRs = -50:20; % signal-to-noise ratios: -10dB … 20dB
bit_errors = zeros(length(SNRs), 1); % BER with respect to SNR
%implementation of the The transmitter
data = randi([0 PSK-1],64,1000);
symbol = pskmod(data, PSK, 0, 'Gray');
% symbol = qammod(data, PSK, 0, 'Gray');
%to Perform parallel to serial conversion
%to perform IDWT operation
AC =pstx; %% approximation coefficients
DC = zeros(size(pstx));%% detailed (wavelet) coefficients
IDWT=idwt(AC,DC,'haar').';% IDWT process
%implementation of the receiver
for SNR_idx = 1:length(SNRs)
received_symbol = awgn(IDWT, SNRs(SNR_idx)).';
[ca cd]=dwt(received_symbol,'haar' );
%to perform parallel to serial conversion
estimated_data = pskdemod(psrx, PSK, 0, 'Gray');
% estimated_data = qamdemod(received_symbol, PSK, 0, 'Gray');
[no_of_error(SNR_idx), bit_errors(SNR_idx)]=biterr(data,estimated_data);
semilogy(SNRs , bit_errors); % plot with logarithmic y-axis
grid on; % show a grid
xlabel('SNR [dB]');
ylabel('BER'); % label x- and y-axis
ABDUL on 16 Oct 2020
hi raymond ... i am not getting the graph correctly ..
this is the graph what i am getting it ... is there any possible way to plot the graph correctly

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