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unable to load hahn1

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성호 홍
성호 홍 il 17 Ott 2020
Commentato: 성호 홍 il 21 Ott 2020
I tried to load 'hahn1' dataset in matlab
however, it was not able to load in Matlab
it kept saying
(Error using load
Unable to read file 'hahn1'. No such file or directory.)
when I typed 'load hahn1'
I guess I don't need to download hahn1 dataset seperatly other than Matlab
but i assum my Matlab doen't have the dataset anymore
Does anyone know how to load the dataset "hahn1" please?

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Sahithi Kanumarlapudi
Sahithi Kanumarlapudi il 21 Ott 2020
Yes, you don't need to download 'hahn1' data set separately. You should be able to load it by using
load hahn1
An example where this data is used can be found in the below link
But to do so you must have 'Curve FittingToolbox' installed on your machine.
Hope this helps!
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성호 홍
성호 홍 il 21 Ott 2020
yeah i forgot to install CFT

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