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find this derivative for this equation

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mustafa jbara
mustafa jbara il 18 Ott 2020
B is the third derivative with respect to t of the function: y3 + 3x − sin(xt) + e^βx
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mustafa jbara
mustafa jbara il 18 Ott 2020
I dont find my answer
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 5 Lug 2022
In y3 + 3x − sin(xt) + e^βx all of the terms are constant with respect to t except sin(xt). So all of the other terms drop out when you take the derivative.
Unless, that is, y or x or β are functions of t

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Kritarth Sinha
Kritarth Sinha il 5 Lug 2022
Hello Mustafa
You can refer to Derivatives of Expressions with Several Variables section of the following page:Differentiation - MATLAB & Simulink (
Hope it will help.


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