Looping through the element of a matrix and integrating it for the other coloumn

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Hello every one !! I have 5000 by 4 Matrix,cotaining 4 coloumns,that are x,y,z and s values.I need to write a program that will first off all delete all the rows that have s=0.Then it will go to first coloumn i.e x and for a particular value of x it should go to mimimum z and for all minmum value of z it should average all the values of s.This average is saved coresponding to minimum z.Then it should go to next z (remember x is same )and average all coresponding s values.This average is saved corresponding to this z and the prgram should run through all other z values.After this I will have a data containing z and averages of s.Now I want to integrate s along all the values of z using trapozoidal rule.Now program has done with the integration at one value x,then it should procede to next value of x and do the same.Remember it should also save the coresponding integrated z value to a particular x.At the end I want a plot of x against s along y direction.Remeber I am using matlab 2015a.

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