??? Dimension 1 is fixed on the left-hand side but varies on the right ([256 x 256] ~= [:? x :?]) when running codegen command

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I ran into a weird issue when running codegen in matlab. I am aware that codegen requires you to predefine all the variables used. In this case, I predefined Dec as a cell array of cell arrays with each index corresponding to a m x n matrix.
nD = length(D);
kDec = A;
[m,n] = size(A);
Dec = cell(1,L);
for c = 1:L
Dec{c} = cell(nD-1);
for i = 1:nD-1
for j = 1:nD-1
Dec{c}{i,j} = zeros(m,n);
for k = 1:L
Dec{k} = FraDec(kDec,D,k);
kDec = Dec{k}{1,1};
kDec is predefined as a Matrix and therefore by equating kDec to Dec{k}{1,1}, there shouldn't be any issues in the matrix size allocation since both kDec and Dec have been predefined and each entry to Dec has been instantiated to a matrix of the same size. However when running codegen, I get the error ??? Dimension 1 is fixed on the left-hand side but varies on the right ([256 x 256] ~= [:? x :?]) for line:
kDec = Dec{k}{1,1};
After spending a very long time on this error, I have no idea how I can resolve this issue.
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Kanha Srivastav
Kanha Srivastav il 28 Ott 2020
I have attached my project files in a zip file. I first run the 'test_SplitBregDebP.m' file to generate variables needed in the 'SplitBregDebP.m' function. From there I run
codegen SplitBregDebP.m -args {g,ker,mu,lambda,tol,frame,Level,wLevel,maxit,img}
in the command window.
Doing this, I get the error. If I run
A = zeros(256,256);
D = cell(1,4);
L = 5;
codegen FraDecMultiLevel.m -args {A,D,L}
In the command window, in order to test the function by itself, I run into a different issue in 'FraDec.m' function:
??? Index expression out of bounds. Attempted to access element 1. The valid range is 1-0
This issue is taking a lot of time to debug and the documentation is quite convoluted.

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Darshan Ramakant Bhat
Darshan Ramakant Bhat il 28 Ott 2020
I have modified the sample code attached and made it work.
Please use "codes_modified" file and run below command :
codegen SplitBregDebP.m -args {g,ker,mu,lambda,tol,frame,Level,wLevel,maxit,img} -report
The "-report" option will generate a codegen report and that will help you to debug the issue. Please refer below doc :
I have made use of coder.varsize() to make the code work. You can read below doc for more information :
There are some limitations when you are using cell arrays for codegeneration :
Hope this will be helpful for you.
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Kanha Srivastav
Kanha Srivastav il 30 Ott 2020
I followed the same approach you had done in "FraDecMultiLevel.m" in my "SplitBregDebP.m" but still run into the same error. I even tried the approach in the given doc regarding the nullcopy approach but still get similar issues.
C1 = coder.nullcopy(C);
b1 = coder.nullcopy(b);
d1 = coder.nullcopy(d);
error = 0.0;
deltab = zeros(m,n);
for nstep=1:maxit
for innerstep=1:1
% solve u.
for ki=1:Level
for ji=1:nD-1
for jj=1:nD-1
u=abs(ifft2(fft2(lambda*FraRecMultiLevel(C1,R,Level)+BTg)./eigenP)); %converted to non-complex %new error Codegen requires that every cell-array element contained in 'C' be assigned a value before being passed into 'FraRecMultiLevel'. Check assignments to element(s):
%u = zeros(m,n);
% solve d
% size(FraDecMultiLevel(u,D,Level))
C1=FraDecMultiLevel(u,D,Level); %changed name of variable %same LHS size != RHS error
for ki=1:Level
for ji=1:nD-1
for jj=1:nD-1
d1{ki}{ji,jj}=wthresh(C1{ki}{ji,jj}+b1{ki}{ji,jj},'s',muLevel{ki}{ji,jj}/lambda); %Unable to determine that every element of 'C{:}' is assigned before this line.
Could this issue be related to the fact that C1, d1 and b1 are changing in different loops?

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