Is there any way to maximize a Simulink Onramp Window

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Dear all,
I am wondering to know if there is some way to maximize "Simulink Onramp Window", if you see the image attached in only can be fitted within the Matlab Online, it can be moved only side to side, but not outside that "screen".
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Reena Elizabeth
Reena Elizabeth il 29 Nov 2020
I am facing the same problem too. If there is a fix that anybody kmows of, please do add it.
Carlos Galvis Correa
Carlos Galvis Correa il 29 Nov 2020
Hi Reena,
Here is what I did.
Click on any where on the path I have highlighted you with "red" It has to be there!! Then drag it towards the green arrow.
I hope this help, I worked for me.
Carlos G

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Prabhanjan Mentla
Prabhanjan Mentla il 30 Ott 2020
There’s an option to maximize the window with the help of expanding arrows which appears at the bottom right of the window. You can drag and adjust to the size required.
I couldn’t capture expanding arrows icon in screenshot.
Hope this helps.
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Carlos Galvis Correa
Carlos Galvis Correa il 7 Nov 2020
Thanks for your reply.
Yes, you are right. I used it, however I am getting troubles to expand the window showed in the image attached.
I did hightlighted on a "red rectangle" pointed with a blue arrow.
Thank you very much for your support.
Carlos G

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