Matlab Error : The variable's value is being used both directly and after a transformation. Only one of these usages is permitted for any given variable

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Can any one give me and explanation about the Error shown by Matlab ?
I am trying to use Do-While block and and in the condition input , i have given an constant block ( with a parameter name in it )
When i try to update a model ( from library model ) , i am getting this Error.
Am i missing out on any point ?
Thanks Ajay
Ajay Pherwani
Ajay Pherwani on 5 Mar 2013
ok , thanks. The problem was , i was using a parameter (CONSTANT BLOCK) at 3 different places in the model , at two places its was being used as 'uint16' and at one place , it was having a data type as 'int16' in the block properties of the Constant Block .
And also in the work space it was declared as 'uint16'
Thanks for the help

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