delay sine wave and correlation

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long le
long le on 5 Nov 2020
Edited: long le on 8 Nov 2020
  1. Simulate in Matlab/Python a damped sine wave as the emitted signal (x(n). The damped signal can be obtained by multiplying a sine wave by a decreased exponential.
  1. Simulate the received signal y(n) according to the following model.
Where a is the attenuation coefficient and k is a delay.
Is it correct if I do as below.
  1. In this simulation, consider a=1. Choose any value of the delay.
Using the cross-correlation function between the emitted signal and the received signal, it is asked to estimate the delay k for different SNR (Signal-Noise-Ratio) in dB. Represent the curve delay vs. SNR.
How can I estimate the delay k for different SNR and represent the curve delay with SNR.

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