How to transfer simulation output from Simscape Results Explorer

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I run some simscape simulations and find the Simscape Results Explorer to be a really convenient tool to quickly check the simulation results, because it includes the relevant data of all my blocks.
However, I cannot run any calculations with the results, i.e. add or multiplicate signals (and by 'signals', I mean hydraulic pressures, forces and similar data).
To do this, I try to export the whole dataset which is shown in the Simscape Results Explorer to the Base Workspace, without adding sensors and 'To Workspace'-Blocks to all relevant signals.
Is there a way to do this?

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Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy il 19 Nov 2020
Hi Henrik
The results of the model shown in the Explorer are retrieved automatically in MATLAB workspace after the simulation. With default settings, they appear in out.simlog where data is structured as a tree. Then, through scripting you can plot, process...
Hope this helped Juan
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Henrik Schönheit
Henrik Schönheit il 20 Nov 2020
Hi Juan,
thanks for the answer. I looked into out.simlog before but did not realize it contains all my data, because the data is not shown when I look at out.simlog in the 'Variables'-window. But when accessing it via the command window, all the Nodes are shown. So my real problem was that I didn't know anything about the 'Node'-class.
liqun fang
liqun fang il 7 Nov 2022
That's amazing. When I execute an order out.simlog, all the data shown in the Simscape Results Explorer appears.

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