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How to increment index value of variable on every click of Push button?

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I want to set variable A1=1 wen user clicks Push Button1,A2=1 wen user clicks second time the same push button,A3=1 wen user clicks same button for third time,,,like this variable index should increase wenever user clicks the push button ,,

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Jan il 4 Mar 2013
It is much smarter to store the variables as a vector or cell array, such that you can access the value by A{1} or A(1), respectively. Then the button's callback can store the counter in the handles struct:
function buttonCallback(ObjectH, EventData)
handles = guidata(ObjectH);
handles.counter = handles.counter + 1;
handles.A{counter} = 1;
guidata(ObjectH, handles);
Then the counter and the list of variables ist stored in the FIGURE's ApplicationData an can be obtain by GUIDATA.

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Ajay Pherwani
Ajay Pherwani il 4 Mar 2013
how many variables you have ? are the numbers of variables fixed or they may vary ?
If varibales are fixed : suppose we have A1.. to ..An
Assuming last push button hit made An=1 and what should happen when one more push button hits ?



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