How can I apply a natural logarithm to an image?

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%%4 image natural log test
%%apply natural log function on the image 'image' to get 'ln_image'
%%note: you need to use mat2gray to convert the format of the image
%also, change negative values to postivie for display purpose
%add instruction here
ln_image = ;
subplot(2,3, 5);
%use display image with scaled colors command (not imshow). put title 'natural log'
%add instructions here
title('Natural Log');
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Lucaci Diana
Lucaci Diana il 26 Nov 2020
well, since I m not as smart as you are, I don't get it
KALYAN ACHARJYA il 26 Nov 2020
Modificato: KALYAN ACHARJYA il 26 Nov 2020
@Lucaci Most members of this community are great, they are giving their precious time to help us. It is expected to take the suggestions in a positive way. Trust me, these people are very knowledgeable and they are guiding millions, like you and me.
Seems home work question, in such cases your own efforts are expected. If you have any specific question, let us know..?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 26 Nov 2020
Did you try ln_image =log(mat2gray(image))?
By the way it's a terrible idea for them to tell you to use the word "image" for your variable name. image() is a built-in function. If there are any zeros in your image you should add 1 to the image before taking the log of it.

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