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Recouped heat from the heated gas

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omkar tulankar
omkar tulankar il 2 Dic 2020
Risposto: Juan Sagarduy il 3 Dic 2020
Hi ,
I am building a direct fuel fired furnace model were I am trying heat the gas to a particular temperature in exhaust gas chamber.
Components used :
Furnace- Reffered from ssc_house_heating_system
Heat exchanger (G)
Ideally on the heat exchanger end , the gas exiting from the port B should be at higher temperature. But when I am trying to sensor the temperature of the B port , it is the same temperature as in A port .
how to get higher temperature at port B ?
My overall intention behind developing this model is to optimize the fuel consumption of the direct fuel fired industrial furnace by extracting the heat and recouping it to preheat the air suppiled .
I am attaching the screen shot of the model for reference.
Help me out in this matter , how to extract and refeed the heat to reheat the air .

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Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy il 3 Dic 2020
Hi there
I can see two issues in the model.
The pipe connected to A1 in the exchanger is just open in the end, as it is just connected to the properties block - connect a reservoir or a chamber to complete the circuit.
The same pipe (port H) is directly connected to a thermal reference. I guess you maybe wanted it to be adiabatic - use a perfect insulator instead.
Try these out, I think it should work.
Good Luck / Juan


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