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How can I mark specific indexes on a plot?

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Serhat Sayim
Serhat Sayim il 6 Dic 2020
Commentato: Serhat Sayim il 7 Dic 2020
I have file with the breathing of sick people. These breathing sounds have wheezes in it. I had the plot drawn. I also have the start and end indexes of wheezing. How can I mark these indexes on the plot?

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KSSV il 6 Dic 2020
If (x,y) is your data and id1 and id2 are the indices. Use:
hold on
id = [id1 id2] ;

Steven Lord
Steven Lord il 6 Dic 2020
Modificato: Steven Lord il 6 Dic 2020
You could use the MarkerIndices property of the line object returned by plot or you could use xline depending on how you want those points marked.
x = 0:360;
y = sind(x);
plot(x, y, 'ro-','MarkerIndices', (0:45:360)+1)
plot(x, y, 'r-')
for multiplesOf45 = 0:45:360
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Serhat Sayim
Serhat Sayim il 7 Dic 2020
My plot is this. For example first wheeze starting at 1063 and end at 7952. My question is how can I mark points 1063 and 7952 only? These indexes are only in x axis .The region between this indexes will give me the wheezing of an patient. Can you help me with this?

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