Thermal Conductivity varying with input temperature

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Aled il 6 Dic 2020
Commentato: Aled il 9 Dic 2020
Hi all,
I'm trying to create a thermal conduction block to use in a simscape model for a cylindrical pipe, therefore the fourier law equation will be in cylindrical and not for a flat plate. I also want to use the input temperature at port A to calculate thermal conductivity from an equation based on the material properties.
The block has been modified from simscape standard 'branch' and 'conduction' models.
I have put the thermal conductivity 'th_cond' as a variable and an equation has been used to calculate the thermal conductivity.
When i try and build the simscape library usin the 'ssc_build' command i get the following error. Any help would be appreciated
Failed to generate 'pipe_model_lib'
Caused by:
Error using pipe_model.conductionpipe_SSteel>equations (line 32)
Type mismatch for equation. The left hand side of the equation is {[1x1 double],
'W/(m*K)'} and the right hand side of the equation is 35.
th_cond = {[1x1 double], 'W/(m*K)'}

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Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy il 8 Dic 2020
Hi Alex
An easy way to solve this by defining the equation: th_cond == a+b*T1.
Parameters a and b shall be defined with a consistent unit: a[mW/(m*K)] and b[mW/(m*K^2)].
Then it should be alright. You can even make a and b protected parameters.
Br Juan


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