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Including compiled matlab embedded function to compiled simulink model for xPC Target application

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I have a simulink model which I compile to c code and use it for xPC Target application. In this model I change only the contents of the matlab embedded function. Inputs and outputs remain the same, only the body of the function is changed. Each time I compile it I have to wait 15+ minutes. The question is: is it possible to compile the whole model just once, and then each time I change the body of the matlab embedded function I only compile this function. Then I would like to include it to the remaining code of the rest of the model.
I have compared the files of two compiled models with different contents of the matlab embedded function and it seems that it would be possible. However, when I tried to somehow decipher what thing I should copy and replace I got lost. Is there any "practical" solution or at least "manageable" solution to my problem.

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Sebastian il 2 Feb 2011
You can consider using model reference. The Model Reference feature allows incremental build of a model, so just the the parts of the model are generated that have changed after the last build.
You could put the Embedded MATLAB Function into a referenced model. Then if you change the referenced model only, I would expect that only this will generate code and will be compiled to an object. After that the linker with link it with the already existing object from the parent model.


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