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PSF (Motion blur) from the blurred and sharp (or deblurred) image pair.

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There are works which finds PSF and deblurred image when only blurred image is given (Blind deblurring).
Is there somebody who knows any technique to find PSF given blurred and the original sharp image (extra information) to which that PSF got applied to get the blurred image.
ie. PSF from blur-sharp pair (blur=PSF*sharp)

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Rohit Pappu
Rohit Pappu il 28 Dic 2020
In frequency domain, PSF can be calculated as fft(blurred)/fft(original).
Additional information can be found at this link
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Nisha Varghese
Nisha Varghese il 28 Dic 2020
But what should we do if we require a smaller sized PSF. The division returns a PSF with the size of the image itself.

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