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How to connect the two signals in one signal in MATLAB Simulink? I mean first signal finishes second signal starts.

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I want to combine the three signals in the circle in red with the signals in the circle in yellow, so that the signs in the red color end in the display and the signs in the yellow circle start in the display. how I do that? Any answer is appreciated...
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Les Beckham
Les Beckham il 27 Dic 2020
Is the transition determined by a specific point in simulation time or a specific value of one of the two signals?
amenah Muwafaq
amenah Muwafaq il 28 Dic 2020
Modificato: amenah Muwafaq il 28 Dic 2020
Hi, Les Beckham
the transition is determined by a specific point in simulation time.
what I doing? please...

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Jim Riggs
Jim Riggs il 27 Dic 2020
You description of the problem is confusing to me, bu the statement in the title
"first signal finishes second signal starts"
suggests to me that you might want a "merge" block. This is exactly what the merge block was designed for.
This block accepts two inputs and outputs the active input. There are two requirements;
Both input signals must be the same type.
Only one signal can be active.
If this is not right, please clarrify what you are looiking for.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 29 Dic 2020
Signals do not "end" in Simulink unless they are in a subsystem that gets disabled.
Are you wanting to produce a series of frames from your rgb source, and then after the last of the series gets displayed, switch the rgb off and switch the YCrCb source on?
Are you wanting to interleave frames, one from the rgb source then one from the YCrCb source?
Are you wanting to display a single frame that has the rgb source on top and the YCrCb source below it? Or left / right instead of top/bottom?
amenah Muwafaq
amenah Muwafaq il 29 Dic 2020
My design is as follows, read a video, use (Frame to Stream) block, to convert the frame into a stream, divide the stream into two halves, then do a specific treatment on each half of the stream. At the end, I want to link the two halves of the stream like the original stream and use the (Stream to Frame) block to convert the stream to a frame and then Show the video
My problem is how to link two streams into one stream the same as the original stream.

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