How to incorporate multiple IF conditions to generate noisy data?

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FW on 31 Dec 2020
Commented: Mathieu NOE on 31 Dec 2020
Hello, I wanted to simulate a signal which has noise in the form of spikes (both positive and negative). If a single IF condition is inserted, one can easily generate positive spikes of desired height. Suppose we also wish to insert an additional condition that if n (i) <0, we get a negative spike of magnitude -0.5 in the noise. I have tried several approaches but the vector size of noise increases if I include a separate IF condition. What would be an appropriate way to incorporate both outcomes of IF in one vector with the same size as "t"? Thanks.
x=normpdf(t, 10, 0.1); % Gaussian peak
for i=1:length(t)
noise=[noise 1.5];
noise=[noise 0];
Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 31 Dec 2020
Finally , in its simplest form , this will generate timely random positive and negative pulses
the threshold value will modify the amount (density) of pulses (to increase the density , reduce the threshold)
a threshold of 1 is the upper limit but then the pulse density is zero , so you should stay below 1
samples = 1000;
signal = zeros(samples,1);
tmp = 2*(-0.5+rand(samples,1)); % a random signal with amplitude in -1 / +1 range
% positive peaks (multiple)
threshold = 0.97;
time_ind = find(tmp>threshold);
signal(time_ind) = 5;
% negative peaks (multiple)
time_ind = find(tmp<-threshold);
signal(time_ind) = -5;

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 31 Dec 2020
Edited: Adam Danz on 31 Dec 2020
No need for a loop at all.
noise = 1.5*(n>1) + -.5*(n<0)
However, in your example, n is always between 0 and 1.
n = rand(1,8)*3-1
n = 1×8
1.4442 1.7174 -0.6190 1.7401 0.8971 -0.7074 -0.1645 0.6406
noise = 1.5*(n>1) + -.5*(n<0)
noise = 1×8
1.5000 1.5000 -0.5000 1.5000 0 -0.5000 -0.5000 0
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FW on 31 Dec 2020
Thank you, this is the type of conditional I was looking. Simple as it can be.

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