How to compare values in login page with values from database in App Designer?

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Yusof Zainol Abidin
Yusof Zainol Abidin on 4 Jan 2021
I want to get the editfield values and compare it with the value in database for login purpose. Can anyone help me?
This is my code to compare the values.
conn = database('Wicapp','root','');
v = exec(conn,'select Username from wicapp.users');
w = exec(conn,'select Password from wicapp.users');
if strcmpi(a, v1)&&strcmpi(b,w1)

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Prabhanjan Mentla
Prabhanjan Mentla on 9 Jan 2021
You can follow this steps.
  • You can open connection
  • Check whether user exists in the database with the help of this type of sql query.
  • If user exists then, fetch the password and compare it with the given password.
  • If both passwords match then “Login Success” else login fail.
To connect from Appdesigner to a database toolbox you can check this link. I recommend you to go through the Database Toolbox documentation from here.

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