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first order runge-kutta method

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Ali Haydar YILDIZ
Ali Haydar YILDIZ il 10 Gen 2021
How can i code this problem with first order runge-kutta method. Do you know typically code about first order ode
A ball at 1200 K is allowed to cool down in air at an ambient temperature of 300 K. Assuming heat is lost only due to radiation, the differential equation for the temperature of the ball is given by

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Uday Pradhan
Uday Pradhan il 13 Gen 2021
You can check this lecture series on solving ODEs in MATLAB : link. There is also a "Code and resources" section from where you can download the code used in the lectures. Check the ode1 function which is the First order RK method (Euler's method):link. You can define your function F as:
F = @(t,y) -2.2067 * (10^(-12)) * (y^4 - (81*10^8));

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