How do I package a multi-file MATLAB project into a Java program?

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While compiling a Java package, I am confused how to indicate the main *.m file and the other functions (also *.m's). Must I assign the class name similar to the main function? Or do I have to put the function in the 'Classes' pane and the other *.m files in the 'Shared Resources and Helper Files'?
In short, how do I package a multi-*.m file MATLAB project (with one main function) to integrate into a Java program?

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Martijn on 12 May 2011
With MATLAB Builder JA, there is no main MATLAB file. The MATLAB functions which you add to a certain class will become methods of that class in Java. So basically you only add the MATLAB files which you want to become methods of the Java class. Other files, on which these methods may depend, should automatically be detected and picked up by MATLAB Builder JA; in general you do not have to give them a specific name or have to add them manually to your project. Only if a function is called through the EVAL, FEVAL (or similar) function, then it must be manually added to the "Shared Resources and Helper Files".

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