Tricky string to number

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I'm writing a script in Matlab which is useful for running different CFX simulations. The latter provides automatically the name to the files of the form: "file_001", "file_002"... "file_00i". I am trying to give this name to some files but I cannot suceed. THis is my attempt:
name2= num2str(i,'%3.0')
ofile2 = strcat('file_',name2);
which gives file_
In addition I need to write on a file this sentence: "cfx5solve -def Sol_00i.res -ccl file_00i"
even in this case I am experiencing some problems. THIs is my attempt:
fprintf(fid1,'cfx5solve -def Sol_%3.0f.res -ccl file_%3.0f',i,i);
and it gives "cfx5solve -def Sol_ i.res -ccl file_ i"
Have you got any idea, please.
Thank you very much for your time!
p.s. i goes from 1 to 260

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 May 2011
ofile2 = sprintf('file_%03d',i);
or if you want to use the same method you started with,
name2 = num2str(i,'%03d');
What you were trying for the other line should have given you a number in the appropriate places as long as "i" was assigned a number (it defaults to being the square root of negative one)
fprintf(fid1,'cfx5solve -def Sol_%03d.res -ccl %s',i,ofile2);
Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 12 May 2011
Read the doc for FPRINTF or SPRINTF or both. All of the format specifiers are discussed in detial there:
doc fprintf

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