Writing a closed while loop

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David Scidmore
David Scidmore il 30 Gen 2021
Risposto: Walter Roberson il 30 Gen 2021
I'm trying to write part of a code that continues a function for the time set of 10.
So something like
while t =< 10
delta_R = -10;
Phi2 = beta*(1-((omega_n/omega_d)*exp(-sigma*t).*cos((omega_d*t)-phi)));
Phi2dot = diff(Phi2);
I have values for the terms, just don't know how to write a closed while loop (or closed loop) and I only get things about transfer loops which I'm not looking for.
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dpb il 30 Gen 2021
See the examples at
doc while
The first one would seem to match your need with an incrementing operation instead of decrementing.
David Scidmore
David Scidmore il 30 Gen 2021
@Walter Roberson, it would be t increments between 0 to 10. So it would be a function using t as time. So I guess that would be a simulated 10 seconds.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 30 Gen 2021
t = 0;
while t < 10
some action
t = t + appropriate increment
However if the increment is constant then a lot of the time it makes more sense to write a for loop
tvals = linspace(0,10,75); %use appropriate number of divisions
numt = length(tvals) ;
results = zeros(1 numt) ń
for tidx = 1:numt
t = tvals(tidx) ;
results(tidx) = value;


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