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Find 2nd Minimum between Input Wheel Speed Signal

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I want to find the 2nd Minimum wheel speed out of 4 wheel speeds, as Min-Max block provides highest and lowest value how to find 2nd minimum value.

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Alex Alex
Alex Alex il 4 Feb 2021
Modificato: Alex Alex il 4 Feb 2021
Try this code for "matlab function" block.It should work for the same values too and if wheel speed>0.This is not the best solution, but I tried
function [y1, y2] = fcn(a, b, c, d)% input and output viriables
w1 =[a,b,c,d]% array with all input
i=length(w1)% number of input
k=i% number of input for circle
while k>2 &i>0% true while more than 2 non-zero inputs
e=max(w1)% find max from inputs
if w1(i)==e% check max and "input number i"
w1(i)=0% set 0 if input=maх value
k=k-1%set less value with non-zero inputs
i=length(w1)% return i to number of inputs
i=i-1% set i for check next "input number i"
w1=nonzeros(w1)% clear array from zero values
y1=max(w1)% set 1 minimum
y2=min(w1)% set 2 minimum

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