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Simscape Multibody - Spatial Contact Force Block - Interference Fit modeling

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I wonder if there is a possibility to model an interference fit, like peg-in-hole application.
As far as I see from "Spatial Contact Force" block examples or Simscape Multibody Contact Forces Library (, it is not possible to model this type of contact.
What I need to model is insertation force, friction force and normal forces.
Any help would be appreciated.
Best regards,

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Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy il 22 Feb 2021
Hello Hakan
The interference fit is a complex phenomenon to model. I think that I would approach this as a prismatic joint with external friction modelled with pure Simscape.
For that purpose, you need a translational interface linking Multibody and Simscape.
See link:
Best of Luck Juan
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Hakan Ertugrul
Hakan Ertugrul il 23 Feb 2021
Hello Juan,
Thank you. Representing the interference fit with prismatic joint is a great idea. I will try.
Actually, I would like to model peg-in-hole robotic manipulator application with interference or close fit. Although your recommendation is more than enough, if you have other recommendations, I will be more than happy to get.
Best regards,

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Hakan Ertugrul
Hakan Ertugrul il 10 Mar 2021
Again, thanks for your answer.
I am using Robotics Toolbox in Simulink and performing dynamical simulation. The simulation consists of a free movement and then a contact arised from a peg-in-hole task.
Because of the contact, I need to pass the reaction forces and moments back to the robot (by multiplying with the transpose of the jacobian of the end-effector of the robot in order to convert them to joint torques) to include contact effects on the robot.
As fas as I see, either Simulink Multibody Contact Forces Libary or Spatial Contact Force Block only gives normal forces in scalar, not vectoral.
Is there a way to get forces and torques in vector format to feed robot for contact dynamics effects?
Thanks in advance.
Best regards,


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