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Link blocks in different libraries[Fuel Cell Stack(Specialized power system) and Motor & Drive (Simscape electrical)

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The two blocks contained in the two libraries with red circle respectively.
I want to link the two blocks together as they are the key components in my model. However, it failed as they located in differrent libraries.(one with the Blank square port another with the gray one).
Could anyone tell me how to link the two components together(like use a converter to transform the data) or if there's any substitute for the two blocks that in the same libraries?

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Guanwei Zeng
Guanwei Zeng il 11 Mar 2021
I fonund this bolck is more efficient as it can transform the signal directly.

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Guanwei Zeng
Guanwei Zeng il 11 Mar 2021
Finally, I found a solution. First, measure the voltage of the Fuel Cell Stack and use the Simulink-PS converter to transform the electrical signal to a Simulink signal. Then connect the Simulink Signal to a controlled voltage scource in Simscape(not the one in specialized electrical system). In this way, the controlled voltage scource and PMSM ar ein the same library.


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