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Flow meter measurement and control system

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Hi, dear community members! Such got a question , here in simscape fluids there is an ideal flow meter element, and the point is that I need to assemble an information-measuring system for measuring flow and control, as well as monitoring flow, that is, for example, if the flow is more than the permissible, then it is necessary build a feedback loop for control ... I have this ideal sensor, as a simscape block, and how to convert the physical output signal of the volumetric flow rate into an electrical signal so that it can be amplified and filtered, and then further develop a control action, i.e. how to set the transformation equation for a given flow meter block; and how to simulate fluid flow with certain parameters (what components should be used?). Maybe there is some literature sources, or some ready-made examples?
Thanks in advance for any help provided!
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Alex Milns
Alex Milns il 10 Mar 2021
I want to clarify. I decided on the type of the flow meter (ultrasonic), but I don't know how to connect it to the measuring circuit, i.e. what is the circuit for switching on the sensor, and I also do not know how to simulate piezoelectric crystals, with which the flow rate is measured. There is no such unit among the standard elements, with piezoelectric receivers and ultrasonic wave reflectors ... How can this transducer be modeled, and how can the value of the velocity signal convert the output signal into voltage?

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Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy il 25 Mar 2021
Hi Alex
This type of task requires often modeling with foundation elements and in some cases create your own with Simscape language.
See below a piezoelectric actuator (21a) that can be useful.
Best of Luck Juan
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Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy il 25 Mar 2021
I believe the fluid will exert pressure on the piezoelectric element, that then will generate voltage. so you do need an element to bridge hydraulic & mechanic capturing the inertial force of the circulating fluid. But this seems feasible to me.
Alex Milns
Alex Milns il 25 Mar 2021
Well, I think you're right, so I'll try ...

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