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why gradient and diff return many values?

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huda nawaf
huda nawaf il 7 Mar 2021
Commentato: huda nawaf il 7 Mar 2021
I need use the derivatives for example in loss function is J(w,b) such that find
w=w-α * (∂J/ ∂w)
when I used diff or gradient I have many values, In fact I need only one value represent (∂J/ ∂w).
Please, can one help me to provide me with that command.
Thanks in advance
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dpb il 7 Mar 2021
How well it would work or even be reasonable would be entirely dependent upon the problem characteristics but one could try mean(gradient()) to get an average to reduce a vector to one value.
huda nawaf
huda nawaf il 7 Mar 2021
@ Jan
In fact I just need compute the derivative, and I know when compute the derivative for one variable I shoud get one value.
that is mean I did not use the right command. I want to calculate the derivative for one variable respect to functionnd

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