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Regression Learner Application Testing

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Nicholas Krol
Nicholas Krol il 17 Mar 2021
Risposto: Shubham Rawat il 22 Mar 2021
I have been able to train/validate my data in the Regression Learner App. However I do not have a 'Testing' Section in the application.
How do I obtain this section so I can also test my models? Can someone help?
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KSSV il 17 Mar 2021
You can export the model and save it.....then use this model for testing the other data.

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Shubham Rawat
Shubham Rawat il 22 Mar 2021
Hi Nicholas,
There is no option of testing in Regression Learning App. You have to first export the model and save it as mentioned in the comment.
You may leverage this document for further help:
Hope this Helps!


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