Simscape Driveline Ideal Motion Sensor - Calculating Acceleration

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When using driveline I can easily output the position and velocity of a mass with an ideal translational motion sensor:
However, to get the acceleration of the mass, I need to convert to simulink and differentiate the signal. This is not a major problem but my questions are as follows:
How can I be confident I am not introducing error by numerically differentiating?
Why doesn't the "Ideal Motion Sensor" supply the acceleration as an output? I would think the equations of motion include acceleration and it is integrated to get velocity and position.
Thanks in advance,

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Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy il 8 Apr 2021
Hi Peter
This is good feedback, maybe there should that option in the sensor. But this can be solved by adding that into a modified component (Simscape language) with acceleration output. Let me know if u need a hand.
Cheers Juan
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Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy il 9 Apr 2021
Hi Peter,
Find attached the implemntation of the sensor in a test model.
We have a 1-day course on Simscape where you can learn how to create your own components/domains. See link below:
Br Juan
Stefan Ondocko
Stefan Ondocko il 11 Mar 2022
Hi, You can also use the Derivative (dv/dt => a) on the "Simulink" side or the Ideal Force Sensor and calculate the acceleration (F/m = a) on the measured object

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