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Speed up 'dlgradient' with parallelism?

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Evan Scope Crafts
Evan Scope Crafts il 11 Apr 2021
Commentato: Luis Hernandez il 14 Nov 2023
Hi all,
I am wondering if there is a way to speed up the 'dlgradient' function evaluation using parallelism or GPUs.

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Jon Cherrie
Jon Cherrie il 12 Apr 2021
You can use a GPU for the dlgradient computation by using a gpuArray with dlarray.
In this example, the minibtachqueue, puts data on to the GPU and thus the GPU is used for the rest of the computation, both the "forward" pass the "backward" (gradient) pass:
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Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez il 14 Nov 2023
I've been trying to use the functions 'dlgradient' and 'dlfeval' with gpuArray inputs so that matlab will use my GPU. Unofrtunately, they only work when I pass dlarray inputs.
What is the workaround for this? what is the minibatch doing that allows you to work with gpuArray?

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