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how to clone code from github website to online matlab platform

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please share how to add github code link to online matlab platform
even how to link our system code to upload on platform

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Martinez Tutt
Martinez Tutt il 12 Apr 2021
Create a new local copy of a project by retrieving files from Git™ source control.
On the Home tab, click New > Project > From Git. The New Project From Source Control dialog box opens.
Alternatively, on the Simulink® start page, click the Project from Git template.
Enter your HTTPS repository path into the Repository path field.
In the Sandbox field, select the working folder where you want to put the retrieved files for your new project.
Click Retrieve.
If an authentication dialog box for your repository appears, enter the login information for your Git repository account -- for instance, your GitHub® user name and password.
If your repository already contains a project, then the project is ready when the tool finishes retrieving files to your selected sandbox folder.
If your sandbox does not yet contain a project, then a dialog box asks whether you want to create a project in the folder. To create a project, specify a project name and click OK. The Welcome screen appears to help you set up your new project. For more information about setting up a project, see Create a New Project From a Folder.
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Warda Takerkart
Warda Takerkart il 26 Apr 2022
function [ ACOnextroute ] = rouletteWheel( P )
cumsumP = cumsum(P);
r = rand();
ACOnextroute = find(r <= cumsumP);
ACOnextroute = ACOnextroute(1);


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