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How to implement hermite gaussian method ?

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nur dsc
nur dsc il 12 Apr 2021
Risposto: Jaynik il 17 Apr 2024
Hello everyone,
I want to understand Hermite Gaussian method. I am reading instantaneous data from sensor and need to convolve this measured data with n=1 Hermit Gaussian. How to do it ?
Thanks for help.

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Jaynik il 17 Apr 2024
Here is a sample code to create and convolve the Hermit Gaussian function:
sd = 1; % Standard deviation of the Gaussian
% Create the Gaussian function
g = exp(-x.^2 / sd^2); % Array of x values
% Create the Hermite Gaussian
n = 1;
hermiteGaussian = hermiteH(n, sqrt(2)*x/sd) .* g;
% assuming sensorData is the data from sensor
convolveData = conv(sensorData, hermiteGaussian);
You will need to adjust the parameters and the equation based on your specific requirements. If your sensor data is 2D, you can use the "conv2" function for convolution.
Please refer the following documentation to read about each function:
Hope this helps!


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