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Check for incorrect argument data type or missing argument in call to function 'lsim'.

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Why doesn't matlab actually give you indicators to where the error is. Only doing it because of a class and have no intentions to actually learn it as I'll never use it in my career.
A = [-1.0889e-2 +2.8539e+1 -2.3779e+1 -3.2154e+1; -9.1949e-5 -7.9044e-1 +9.4864e-1 -1.6017e-3; +3.1611e-5 -6.3460e-1 -1.0254e+0 0; 0 0 1 0];
B = [+9.9851e+0 +1.6333e+1; -1.0219e-1 0; -1.1464e+1 0; 0 0];
C = eye(4);
D = zeros(4,2);
d2r = 2*pi;
%H1 = 20,000;
%Vcm1 = 700;
de = -0.1*ones(1001,1)*d2r;
dth = 0*ones(1001,1);
u =[de dth];
%Cchord = 11.32;
%Th = 1.9970;
t = linspace(0,10,1001).';
% gives error of unrecognized function or variable 'alp' alp=alpha
%x = [Vcm1, alp, q, Th];
%y = [Cx + du];
[y,x] = lsim(A,B,C,D,u,t);

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David Scidmore
David Scidmore il 13 Apr 2021
I figure it out by looking further into notes.
I downloaded an addon and used.





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