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Any -WORKING- conversion function for .mdl between Simulink versions ?

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Hello there, I'm really disappointed to see how bad the "Convert to" function works in Simulink. I'm trying to use a .mdl developed with v8.0(R2012b), into a previous version : v6.5(R2006b). Normally I did not use any of the new blocks specifically to prevent any export problem, but visibly, without giving me any output error, the conversion function just create a useless file that my older version opens (with a lot of warning about some parameters apparently missing) as a blank window (like if it was just a new .mdl...) !
So is there any working solution here ?
Right now Simulink is just pissing me of... so sry for my English and more over for my nerves... Thanks in advance for any usefull answer.

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Ryan G
Ryan G il 24 Giu 2013
If you're having a lot of trouble with exporting to a previous version there are a couple things you can try to find the problem. It also sounds like you may be working with a relatively large model given you are having such issues. Furthermore, if none of this helps, you can elaborate on the process you are using to export to a previous version (file menu vs command line).
1) Break your model up into it's components/subsystems. Put each subsystem into a new model and export that to 2006b. This will narrow down where there is something that is unsupported or causing a problem.
2) Are there any callbacks? Any data in the model workspace? The warnings sound like that could be a problem in 6b.

Eric il 24 Giu 2013
Thanks for your answer. I was already in the process of cutting my project apart... so I can already say that you're right, it's working with smaller mdl files, but really... it's neither easy, nor fast ! So as it seems to be working... I'll try to go at the end of it.
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Ryan G
Ryan G il 24 Giu 2013
Long term you want to break it apart to find the section that isn't working, fix whatever is broken there, then go back to using the full export functionality.. If all the parts work separately, but not together, I would contact tech support to see if they can help find the bug with the full model.

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