Error: block_diagram does not have a parameter named 'payloadMass'

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I have a model named ‘asbHybridAircraft4_7’, and I want to run it with the parameter 'payloadMass' configured with the sim fuction.
I used the following code
but an error occured
block_diagram does not have a parameter named 'payloadMass'
I'm very confused. Because the model dose have a parameter named 'payloadMass'.
Maybe it's not a parameter and just a variable. So I also tried
But the error occured again.
Could anyone tell me how to solve the error?
Thanks in advance.

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Guanwei Zeng
Guanwei Zeng il 14 Apr 2021
I also tried the get(gcbh) function to see the parameter.
checkbox_payload_mass: 'on'
payload_mass_lbm: 'payloadMass'
And I changed the parameter name into 'payload_mass_lbm', but it didn't work.


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