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extract one of the bits in fi(), flip it, and reassemble it to produce new bin

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Hi, I am trying to do the following cleanly in fixed point designer:
Take a binary: '0010'
Flip the 2nd bit to produce: '0000'
Is there a clean way to do this with some opeartion within fi(), perhaps just 1 or 2 lines of code?
I am a new user at fixed-point designer.
Thank you very much.

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Hrishikesh Borate
Hrishikesh Borate il 19 Apr 2021
It’s my understanding that you are trying to flip the bit at 2nd position.
Following is the code for the same :-
input = '0010';
bitflip = @(val, n) bitxor(val, 2.^(n-1));
output = dec2bin(bitflip(bin2dec(input),2));
For more information, refer to the following answer and dec2bin.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 19 Apr 2021
input = '1010';
input(3) = 'a' - input(3)
input = '1000'
... It's magic ;-)
flipped = (1 - (x - '0')) + '0'
flipped = 1 + '0' + '0' - x
flipped = 1 + 48 + 48 - x
flipped = 97 - x
flipped = 'a' - x

Andy Bartlett
Andy Bartlett il 19 Apr 2021
Please see my answer in your similar question.
That answer provides a one-liner that works in most cases.
It also provides a more general solution using a helper function.




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