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problem cloning an existing git repo

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francesco mantegazza
francesco mantegazza il 24 Apr 2021
Modificato: Andreas Viborg il 9 Gen 2024
Hi everybody,
I have a problem cloning a git repo. I followed the instructions provided by this link
creating a my ssh keys and placing them in the right directory for MATLAB to retrieve them, but I get an error when I try to clone the repo:
Git internal error (Code = -1, Class = 23): Failed to authenticate SSH session: Unable to open public key file
I don't know what to do because I'm pretty sure the ssh exists, has been associated to my git account properly and indeed the check works fine when I validate it inserting my password. Also the environment variable has been set correctly.
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francesco mantegazza
francesco mantegazza il 24 Apr 2021
Yes I did, I tried to regenerate the ssh keys with the suggested command, restarted matlab but it didn't work unfortunately.
My problem indeed has to do with a previous step since I haven't been able to clone the repo yet.
Thanks for your help

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Andreas Viborg
Andreas Viborg il 9 Gen 2024
Modificato: Andreas Viborg il 9 Gen 2024
I might need to specify the SSH-key explicitly, either type this on the command line or in your startup.m file:
git = settings().matlab.sourcecontrol.git;
git.PrivateKeyFile.PersonalValue = "C:\Users\username\.ssh\id_ed25519";
git.PublicKeyFile.PersonalValue = "C:\Users\username\.ssh\";


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