How can I plug inverse kinematics to a Simscape multibody?

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This is my Simulink model of a delta robot using Simscape multibody. I have an inverse kinematics matlab code. How can I plug it into the Simulink model?

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Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy il 26 Apr 2021
Hello there
You need to set the joint in kinematic mode (Actuation >> Motion - Prescribed / Torque - automatically calculated) See below.. Then feed the joints with a time-dependent trace matching the duty cycle you expect the mechanism to execute. See that a little arrow pops up so that the signal can be connected.
Best of Luck / Juan
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Hwajin Choi
Hwajin Choi il 26 Apr 2021
Rather than setting the motion manually, I want to make the robot moves corresponding to the inverse kinematics I coded. The inverse kinematics calculates revolute joint angles with given cartesian position of an end effector x,y, and z.

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