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TheDice il 4 Mag 2021
Commentato: Steven Lord il 4 Mag 2021
Hi, I have a duration here that I would like to display as a running down number in a label or message box. But I don't know how to convert a duration.
C = DateTimeNow - DateTimeStart;
Many greetings
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William Rose
William Rose il 4 Mag 2021
@TheDice Fabian,
gives a string with the hours, minutes, seconds of c.
William Rose
William Rose il 4 Mag 2021
Fabian @TheDice See help on datestr() for more formatting examples.

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Scott MacKenzie
Scott MacKenzie il 4 Mag 2021
You don't "convert" a duration. You control the format via the 'format' property. Try...
t1 = datetime;
t2 = datetime;
z = t2 - t1;
s1 = sprintf('%s', duration(z, 'format', 's'));
s2 = sprintf('%s', duration(z, 'format', 'hh:mm:ss'));
fprintf('Ex1: %s\n', s1);
fprintf('Ex2: %s\n', s2);
Ex1: 1.009 sec
Ex2: 00:00:01
Of course, there are other possibilities. Try doc duration for all the details.
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord il 4 Mag 2021
sprintf is one way to create a char vector or a string from a duration. string is another way to create a string from a duration.
timeSinceMidnight = datetime('now')-datetime('today')
timeSinceMidnight = duration
S = string(timeSinceMidnight)
S = "16:33:25"
The new formattedDisplayText function introduced in release R2021a is another, though you may have to trim it of leading and trailing whitespace.
T = formattedDisplayText(timeSinceMidnight)
T =
" 16:33:25 "

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