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How can I use Translational Friction and Damping blocks?

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I do need to have my clutch geometries to be used in Matlab Simulations. My clutch geometry consists of two clutches. I have already placed them in Simulink Multibody. They are placed in contact with each other. I can rotate both of them by appying external torque. However, I need to have some physical engagements between them. By applying one torque at one end, and friction working between them, I neet to see the torque transmitted to the other end. How can I achieve this? How can I, for example, use Translational Friction and Damping blocks?

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller il 9 Mag 2023
I recommend placing a Revolute Joint between your two plates and add a rotational frictional model there. If you wish to model translational friction in the clutch engagement mechanism, you can do that in the 1D domain.
The image below shows how to add the locking/unlocking friction for the clutch.


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