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Best way to normalize data to Matlab

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Ilana il 1 Ago 2013
Hi, I have numeric data in excel file. The data is of electrical loads measured by the hour. So on Y axis I have date values (Column A- Year, Column B- Month, Column C- Day) and on X axis I have the hours (Row A- hours- 1-24). How can I best Normalize the data, so that when loading it to Matlab the tasks of evaluating time-series and predicting using methods like: regression,MA, exp.smoothing, ARMA,ARIMA, NN and so on, will be most convenient to work with?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 1 Ago 2013
I have no idea how you want to normalize it and what those terms mean, but to read it in you can use xlsread(). Then normalize it however you want. Usually that means dividing by the maximum value of something or total sum of something, but again, I don't know what that might mean for you, and even if it might change depending on what column you're normalizing.

Febin Benjamin
Febin Benjamin il 1 Ago 2013
Depends on how you define 'best normalization'.... there are many... What's yours?

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